Job Seeker FAQ

Do you have any tips for creating a great résumé?

We sure do! Take a look at our résumé tips on the Elwood Professional website:

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As an Elwood associate, what perks and benefits are available to me?

Elwood Staffing offers one of the most comprehensive benefit and incentive programs available in our industry.

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What types of positions are available to me?

Elwood Staffing offers temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities. Contract positions are generally available through our engineering & technology, professional, and skilled trades service offerings. To learn more, visit our employment options page.

What companies do you work with?

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Elwood partners with organizations throughout the United States. Our clients represent a diverse range of industries, each using a wide array of skill sets.

What should I do after I submit my online application?

Finding you the right opportunity is our primary objective. If your skills, qualifications, and interests are a good fit for our clients' needs, we will contact you to discuss the next steps in the placement process.

If you do not hear from us right away, please be patient. Due to the large volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, we are not able to personally respond to all applicants, but we will keep your information on file and notify you if the right opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, new job opportunities are posted on our website daily, so keep checking back!

What is the job placement process?

If your skills, qualifications, and interests fit those of our clients, we will invite you to go through an enhanced screening process. This will include a skills assessment, drug screen, potential background check, and a thorough interview where we will discuss your capabilities, your career objectives, and your ideal work environment—details that will help us place you in the right position.

Depending on client needs, you may be placed on assignment right away or you might be waiting a while longer. However, once we do find an assignment for you, we will make sure you are properly prepared by providing you with contact information, directions, an overview of the assignment and your responsibilities, and the appropriate orientation and training.

In the case of direct hire, we will also arrange client interviews as well as negotiate salary and benefits on your behalf.

I have several questions about temporary employment.

As a temporary associate, am I required to accept every assignment?

No. One of the benefits of being a temporary associate is the flexibility to choose which assignments to accept.

How long are the assignments?

Temporary assignments vary according to employer need. An assignment may last anywhere from hours to days, weeks, months, or longer. Your staffing consultant will give you an approximate duration prior to you accepting or declining the assignment.

How often can I work?

We make every effort to keep our associates as busy as they'd like to be, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of hours. Placement is always dependent on whether your skills, experience, and aptitude are a good fit for the client and, of course, if you are available and willing to work.

What do I do when the assignment ends?

When your current assignment is complete, contact your staffing consultant and/or update your availability status in your online Employee Portal account. While waiting for your next opportunity, be sure to update your account profile to include any new skills you have learned while on assignment.

How do I get paid?

Our standard workweek is the 7-day period beginning each Monday at 12:01 am and ending Sunday at midnight. Timesheets should be turned in weekly, on Friday or Monday. Associates are paid on a weekly basis, typically the first Friday following the end of the preceding workweek.

Once I become an Elwood associate, will someone stay in touch with me?

Elwood staffing consultants will contact you about possible assignment opportunities as they match your requirements and skills and are always available to answer and address HR related questions and concerns. Our staffing consultants are also available to provide career guidance when needed.

What are the benefits of creating an online Employee Portal account?

Elwood Staffing's online Employee Portal is designed to assist job seekers and associates throughout the application process and beyond. It allows users to maintain greater control over their job search and assignments by providing instant access to important information.

You are encouraged to create an online account and complete an application prior to conducting your job search. By doing so, your information will be stored in our system—eliminating the need to complete an application for each posting to which you wish to apply.

Candidates brought in for advanced screening will find that much of their paperwork is already completed, reducing time spent in our office.

Upon being hired by Elwood Staffing, associates can use the Employee Portal to manage the details of their employment:

  • Update employment availability status
  • View current and previous assignment details, including start and end dates, report to, jobsite maps and driving directions
  • Enter and submit timeslips for electronic manager approval
  • Access payroll history: view or print pay stub information
  • View and print W2s
  • Update Federal Form W4

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What if I don't see a job I'm interested in on your website? Can I still apply?

Absolutely! We receive hundreds of new job orders each day, but not all make it to our website. It's possible we have a "hidden" opening that fits your requirements. For that reason, we encourage you to create an online Employee Portal account and complete our online application. If your skills, qualifications and interests are a good fit, we will contact you to discuss the next steps in the placement process.

In the meantime, if you do see a job posting you are interested in, you may log into your Employee Portal account at any time and attach the job to your profile.

What if there is no Elwood Staffing office in my area?

We work with companies throughout the United States. Though we might not have an office your area, we may still have local job opportunities. Contact the office nearest to you to see what's available.

Can you help me enhance my skills?

From improving soft skills such as writing resumes and preparing for interviews to developing and enhancing your marketable skills through online tutorials, our associates have access to a variety of skill enhancement resources. Along the way, our experienced consultants are available with expert advice to guide you along your career path. Contact your local staffing consultant to learn more.

Is my personal information protected?

Yes. Your privacy is important to us, and your private information is kept strictly confidential. For more information, please review our privacy policy.

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