Recruiting & Screening

It's true that we keep a steady stream of people walking through our doors, but the real art of our business is knowing who to send through yours.

Recruiting Strength

Our solid reputation and presence in the community attracts a steady flow of candidates to meet our clients' needs. We know and understand how to target remote markets and off-season businesses and can develop programs that target specific demographics or groups of individuals.

Applicant Qualification

We have designed our talent engagement and screening processes to remove all friction in an effort to acquire talent as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Quick, Easy Online Application Experience

Elwood has optimized its online application experience for job seekers by creating a simple, quick (and mobile!) experience that reduces application drop-off rates and keeps candidates coming back. Applicants without personal internet access can visit any branch location and complete it online during business hours.

Screen & Place On First Contact

Once online applications are received, we engage with all applicants within two hours. Our outreach efforts include phone, email, and text, and we do not stop until we make contact. Once we make contact, we move quickly to eliminate candidate fall-off—we review work history, screen for fit and skills, and make on-the-spot job offers when it's the right match. Once an offer is made, the orientation process begins.

Associate Orientation

Online Orientation

The majority of Elwood's orientation process may be completed from the candidate's home online—even on a mobile device—further speeding the placement process. Candidates download and review a combination of documents through their online employee portal accounts that set expectations for working with Elwood and the assignment.

In-Office Orientation

We require in-office attendance to perform I-9 verification and authentication of employment eligibility using the Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify® program. Additionally, should a client require a custom skill assessment, we will make an initial “soft offer” to the candidate and schedule an in-office appointment to complete required certifications and any additional screening.

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