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To give your business maximum workforce flexibility, we have several hiring options to choose from.


Whether you need one employee for a one-day assignment or require many workers to complete a major project, Elwood Staffing has the experience and expertise to meet your interim staffing needs.

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Thousands of Elwood Staffing's clients have experienced the value of working with temporary-to-hire employees.

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Regardless of the length and scope of the assignment, Elwood Staffing understands the importance of providing a qualified professional who can step in and make an immediate contribution. Utilizing a contractor gives you the opportunity to bring in high-demand skills and experience quickly and, often, at a fraction of the cost associated with a direct hire.

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Direct Hire

Your company's success depends on quality people. Our direct hire service will allow you to concentrate on your core business instead of spending time and energy searching for qualified individuals to join your permanent team.

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Referred Employee Payrolling

You've found the talent you want to hire, but insurance burdens, non-compliance fears, company policies, or lack of resources make it difficult—or impossible. It's a problem many managers face, but the solution is simple: referred employee payrolling from Elwood Staffing.

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