Regardless of the length and scope of the assignment, Elwood Staffing understands the importance of providing a qualified professional who can step in and make an immediate contribution.

We take in-depth measures to learn our clients' staffing needs, project requirements and timelines and use our industry expertise to make the right match.

Upon selection of an associate, you will manage their day-to-day activities and responsibilities—we will take care of the rest. Our hourly rates cover:

  • Employees Wage
  • Social Security and Medicare Contributions
  • State and Federal Income Tax
  • State and Federal Unemployment Tax
  • Disability
  • Tax Filing and Recordkeeping

A portion of the fee you pay for our services is applied to workers' compensation and employers' liability insurance, which we provide for each associate assigned to you.

To take full advantage of our contract program, you may choose to have Elwood perform the following tasks:

  • Record employment terms, including compensation, in an employment contract
  • Assign employees to specific locations with known job responsibilities
  • Make health insurance available and handle all related administrative issues
  • Pay and administer paid time off and other applicable benefits
  • Pay approved business expenses incurred by employees
  • Provide employee communication materials such as orientation material, employee handbooks, safety training, etc.
  • Be involved in negotiating compensation adjustments
  • Handle all terminations of employment
  • Maintain ongoing contact with the client regarding contract assignments

We manage the entire process so you can focus on helping your business succeed.

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