Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Elwood Staffing, we define corporate social responsibility as our commitment to be accountable and to make a positive difference within the full scope of our business footprint.

At Elwood Staffing, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen. We define corporate social responsibility as our commitment to be accountable and to make a positive difference within the full scope of our business footprint. We acknowledge that this footprint encompasses our corporate employees, associates, clients, vendors, competitors, communities, and the environment.

The values contained in our Mission Statement, Five Key Beliefs, and business philosophies provide the foundation of our approach to corporate social responsibility. The following policies govern our business operations and are in place to provide direction to our management and employees in conducting our day-to-day business activities. We are committed to conducting our business ethically and in a manner that is mutually beneficial for all involved.

In summary, our approach is guided at each step by ethical conduct, integrity, accountability, commitment, and respect in our business dealings. The following statements further define our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Statement of Employee Relations

Our corporate employees and associates are our number one asset. When we take care of our employees they take care of our customers. We are committed to:

  • Provide an environment where our corporate employees and associates are respected, valued, accepted, and rewarded according to their contributions.
  • Being an Equal Opportunity Employer where it is our policy and practice to recruit, hire, train, and promote without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other characteristics protected by law.
  • Work environments that are free of all forms of illegal discrimination and harassment. It is the diversity of backgrounds and experiences, as well as fair treatment toward employees based on qualifications and performance that contributes to the success of our company.
  • Protect the health and safety of all corporate employees and associates. We will not compromise the health and safety of any person for business gain and will ensure safe and healthy workplaces.
  • Provide compensation, benefits, opportunities, and personal fulfillment such that working anywhere else would be unattractive.

Statement of Community Responsibility

The communities where we do business are vital to the success of our company. Contributing to the health and vitality of these communities is an important part of our business activities. Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Promoting employee involvement in organizations that support the vitality of local economies.
  • Promoting employee involvement in institutions that support the social, educational, and cultural vitality of their communities.
  • Supporting charitable organizations that have a positive impact on the economic, social, educational, and cultural vitality of the community.
  • Providing employment and economic opportunities in each community where we do business.
  • Collaborating with those forces in the community dedicated to raising standards of health, education, workplace safety, and economic well-being.
  • Respecting the integrity of local cultures.

Statement of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Elwood Staffing and its employees are committed to being responsible corporate citizens. We support the concepts of environmental stewardship and believe they are good for our business. Consistent with this commitment, we will:

  • Comply with all regulatory requirements applicable to our business operations.
  • Limit the environmental impacts of our activities wherever possible.
  • Protect the environment as we carry out our responsibilities.
  • Stress reduction, reuse, and recycling of all products used in our business operations.
  • Support local efforts that protect and enhance the physical environment.
  • Support responsible environmental practices and continue to improve in this area.


We are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in our day-to-day business activities. The company's management team leads by example and continuously integrates this policy into our business routine. Our employees equally embrace and support all considerations of this policy. We commit ourselves to being recognized as an organization that is accountable to its corporate social responsibilities and makes a positive difference within the full scope of our business footprint.

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