Associate Engagement Program

Engaged employees are not simply important, but imperative for high-performing work environments. Our Associate Engagement Program works to increase employee enthusiasm through positive work environment changes.

Associate engagement is measurable, and it represents the degree to which an employee is attached to his or her job, co-workers, and organization. Engagement significantly influences one's willingness to learn and perform at work, which generates higher productivity and impacts overall company performance and profits. So how can an employer increase its number of fully engaged associates? Start by listening.

Our Associate Engagement Program was developed to give our temporary associates a platform to be heard. The program focuses on the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of candid and confidential feedback provided by our working associates. We then work with our clients to facilitate positive work environment changes, driving better work site performance and increased retention.

If you would like more information on how you can actively find ways to engage a larger percentage of your workforce, contact our associate engagement team today.

To learn more, please contact the Associate Engagement Team »

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