Our Mission

At Elwood Staffing®, customers are the driving force in all we do.

We serve three customers:

  • Client Companies
  • Elwood Associates
  • Corporate Employees

We treat client companies as strategic business partners with shared goals. We expect clients to bring us their challenges. In fact, client challenges are the reason we exist. These opportunities create the demand for our services. We exist to help our clients solve staffing and human resource problems and challenges.

We treat Elwood associates with dignity and respect at all times. Our staff provides a courteous and positive environment for our associates. We take accountability for the service we provide and the job matches we make. We do everything we can to make the best possible match, and we use outcome results and feedback to scrutinize ourselves and continuously improve. It is critical we do our jobs correctly so our associates can do their jobs correctly, because without them, we could not meet our customers' needs.

Corporate employees are key to our competitive advantage. Our success depends on our ability to:

  • Identify and hire the very best and brightest employees.
  • Train and develop employees to their fullest potential.
  • Empower employees to use their knowledge, skills, and talents to meet company objectives.
  • Provide compensation, benefits, opportunities, and personal fulfillment such that working anywhere else would be unattractive.
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