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As a client of Elwood Staffing, who are my contacts within your company?

Day-to-day contact with our team is typically at the branch level. The branch team and area manager ensure all orders are filled and expectations are met. Director- and executive-level staff maintain involvement with our partnership-level accounts to ensure overall client satisfaction. Problem resolution can be addressed at any level, including the executive level.

If I need help in quickly staffing a new operation, how fast can Elwood Staffing respond?

Over the years, we have entered many new markets to support current and potential clients. Many of these new markets were home to facilities that either employed or were in need of hundreds of temporary associates. In these instances, we were able to ramp up and maintain a fully staffed on-site operation within weeks.

How and where do you recruit to fill open positions?

Recruiting quality applicants is paramount for any staffing company, as is the ability to recruit the required quantity of associates. We create a custom recruiting plan for each client using a variety of recruiting methods, from referrals, social media and local community networking to higher education relations, opt-in text message job alerts, and visible signage in strategic, high-traffic areas. Visit our Recruiting & Screening page to learn more.

How do you screen applicants for available positions?

Our thorough screening process is customizable and works to identify applicants demonstrating flexibility, a positive work ethic, and proven reliability. Screening begins with a behavioral interview and E-verify® employment eligibility and may be further customized to include drug testing, advanced skills testing, work history reference, and background checks. Visit our Recruiting & Screening page for more information.

Do you use E-Verify®?

Yes. We were a very early adopter of the E-Verify program, a link-up between the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration aimed at minimizing the chance of mistakenly employing an individual without legal rights to work in the United States. Every internal Elwood employee receives specialized E-Verify training, and every candidate in every branch office is processed through the system. Maintaining a legal workforce minimizes risk, reduces turnover, and increases retention in our client companies.

Does Elwood Staffing have any hiring requirements?

We do not employ every person who applies at Elwood Staffing. Though it is important that we keep a steady stream of people walking through our door, the real art of our business is knowing who to send through yours. Elwood requires that an applicant be at least 18 years of age, drug free, and able to provide documentation that he or she is eligible to work in the U.S. Our objective is to recruit, screen, and select only those employees who are qualified to work in your facility, make your products, and service your customers. We send you only those employees who will do the job and do it well.

Who helps new associates understand the expectations of the client company?

Elwood conducts customized orientations to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients. Our objective is to provide our associates a thorough understanding of all policies, procedures, and expectations. This process is a key factor in increasing retention.

Do you place a priority on the safety of your associates and their work site at the client company?

We incorporate safety into each associate orientation and our safety and risk management programs ensure we maintain an ongoing focus on their safety. Our essential job function reviews help us develop a true understanding of the physical requirements of each job. Occupational health nurses provide conservative treatment for associates with minor injuries and case management for more serious situations.

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