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About the Index

Because the staffing sector often feels the effects of economic shifts before any other sector, Elwood actively monitors the pulse of its applicants to detect changes and predict and prepare for market shifts. As part of our standard application process, we ask every applicant to answer a set of questions anonymously so we can measure favorable or unfavorable sentiment towards parts of the job seeker's local employment landscape. The sheer number of responses and the stability of the questions over time allow us to track shifts in workers' mindsets to predict and prepare for market changes.

ASI™ Composite Score

A market outlook indicator that measures and balances multiple factors to determine overall level of positive sentiment towards local employment opportunities. A score of 100 indicates positive sentiment from all respondents in every category.

chart of composite score

How we calculate the composite score: Each category contributes an equal part (one-third) to the total composite score. The composite score is calculated by dividing the percent of optimistic respondents in each category by three and summing the results. Each category can earn a potential score of 33.3, for a total composite score maximum of 100. Values rounded to the nearest whole number.

Other Market Insights


The percent of job seekers who are willing to commute more than 30 minutes each way to and from work.

chart of willingness to commute

The percent of job seekers who indicated the attribute is one of the three reasons they want to work for their "dream employer." Respondents were required to select three attributes.

chart of desired attributes

All data collected and analyzed by Elwood Staffing (July — August, 2022). National data collected from job seekers who reside in all cities across Elwood Staffing's footprint (n = 3,726).

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